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How long does it take for the Scrub No More to be affective?

It's effective immediately.  It bonds chemically to the surfaces it protects, but does not require drying or curing time.

How do I maintain my newly sealed surfaces ?

Use a scratch-free scrub pad in conjunction with Scrub No More Rejuvenating Wash with Wax at least once every two weeks.  Mineral build-up or soap-scum will be easily removed because it will be sitting above the surface and not deep into the microscopic pores that contribute to permanent stain damage, requiring abrasive and acidic cleaners to be effective. Squeegee protected shower doors after each use and all other surfaces at least once every two weeks.  You will be able to clean with green products once your surfaces are protected.  No need to ever use abrasive, harsh or acidic products again.

How long will Scrub No More last? 

If you clean regularly with prescribed products and non-abrasive, acidic or harsh chemicals it will be effective for at least 6 months to a year.  If you notice it’s becoming a bit harder to clean, easily reseal the surfaces.  You can reseal as many times as you like and it will only enhance the protection for your surface's shine and gloss.

If I don’t use both cloths in the Scrub No More packet, can I use the second cloth later.

Absolutely, as long as you keep the unused cloth sealed in the packet. The sealant is an alcohol base product and it will rapidly evaporate if exposed to air.  Very simple to avoid by always resealing the packet.

If I see a haze right after sealing what can I do to get it off? 

After sealing your surfaces wait 60 seconds then wipe the surface down with a clean, very wet cloth.  That will remove any haze that remains.

How long has Scrub No More been around?

Since the mid-nineties.  And  we have been steadily improving it’s ease-of-application and longevity to the point we feel very comfortable offering a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with this product.

What surfaces benefit most from being protected by Scrub No More?

Shower glass, tile, porcelain toilets, sinks, tubs, bidets, urnals, patio rails, skylites, glass table tops exterior windows exposed to irrigation and rain and any other glazed or glass surface you want to protect.

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