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Whether you're applying Scrub No More Protective Sealant on your shower glass, porcelain toilets, sinks, porcelain tubs or tile, application is fast and easy. See application instructions below...

REQUIRED FOR SEALING: Rubber gloves. Clean and dry microfiber or cloth towels. Spray bottle full of cool water, Squeegee (optional).

  1. Never seal outside in direct sunlight, or in conditions cooler than 40˚ F or warner than 70˚ F.

  2. If sealing in an enclosed space, open windows and turn on fans for good ventilation.

  3. Be certain that all surfaces being sealed are as clean as possible and COMPLETELY DRY!

  4. If using packet wipes, open with scissors and then reseal packet leaving the second cloth inside to stay fresh with sealant for future use. Keep folding and refolding cloth while sealing to use all the sealant.

  5. If using bottled sealant, lightly squeeze sealant onto a clean, dry cloth (don’t soak, more is not better) and re-apply sealant to cloth as necessary to finish sealing the surface you are working on.

  6. Begin sealing using both up and down strokes followed by back and forth strokes to assure complete coverage.

  7. Let sealant bond for 60 seconds.  You will notice that a slight haze remains.  This is normal and can help locate areas that may not have been sealed. Buff the surface with a clean, dry rag. Then wipe the entire surface with a water soaked towel to return complete clarity.

  8. Dry the sealed surface with a clean towel or squeeze and begin enjoying your new SCRUB FREE LIFE!

Maintain your sealed surfaces by regularly using Scrub No More Rejuvenating Wash with Wax

Maintain the shine and clarity of your protected surfaces by using Scrub No More Rejuvenating Wash with Wax 


Shower Glass


Porcelain Sinks

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