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End Spots, Stains & Rings on Toilets, Sinks, Shower Glass & Tile!

Scrub No More  creates a clear, hydrophobic barrier by sealing the microscopic pores found on the surfaces of glass, porcelain and tile.  When sealed, soap scum and minerals can’t enter, build-up and cause permanent stain damage.

The SCIENCE of innovation

Your home's most valuable surfaces like shower glass, porcelain and tile surfaces have millions of microscopic nano-pores.

Over time, minerals enter these pores, buildup and become permanent stains you can see as streaks, rings and spots but can no longer clean.

Scrub No More  seals these nano-pores so water minerals and other stain causing agents  sit on top of the sealant and are  easily wiped away... 

Finally a product that blocks the stain causing minerals, water carries into your bathrooms!

Water is full of minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Silica and others). As water dries on shower glass, tile and porcelain bathroom fixtures, the minerals seep into the microscopic pores that cover every square inch on those surfaces. Over time they build and become unsightly stains, rings, spots , streaks & dullness you can no longer clean.

Makes Sealed Surfaces 90% Easier to Clean!

  • Seals microscopic pores on glass, porcelain and tile surfaces.

  • Creates a non-stick, long-lasting barrier against permanent stains and damage.

  • Cleaning becomes as easy as wiping a non-stick pan with little effort.

  • Easy to install. 

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